Battery Management

Industrial batteries and chargers are amongst the most expensive assets a company owns. Poorly used and managed batteries will affect a site's productivity and efficiency. Our battery management products and advanced reporting will help you to manage battery room activities, ensuring the maximum possible value is achieved from these assets.

iBOS - Intelligent Battery Organizing System

In an unmanaged battery room the operator will select the most convenient battery. Research shows this will result in 25% of the batteries being overused, reducing their ability to store energy, and therefore performance, as well as their operational life.

The iBOS tells the operator which is the best battery to take, based on the battery that has had the longest cool down period. This will significantly reduce the operator's time in the battery room and ensure the optimal usage of the all the MHE assets.

Using the iBOS results in

  • Faster battery changes and less time in the battery room
  • Longer truck run times so fewer battery changes
  • Longer overall battery life
  • The right number of batteries for the operation.

The iBOS features;

  • Works with any charger.
  • Simple and fast installation.
  • In depth battery reports delivered online with email updates.
  • Full range of options including different screens, alarms, charger splitting and battery tracking.

iBOS selection guide

  Lite Plus Pro
Chargers per controller 50 100 200
Blue "Pick Light" to indicate correct battery
Mispick shouter alarm
Built in Touch Screen -
Multi-pool display -
Optional remote displays - -
Onsite or online reports -

iTAG Asset Tracking System

Keeping track of MHE assets is a major headache for organisations. Adding, filing and maintaining asset records is time consuming, mundane and rarely done.

iTAG is a paperless 'log book' for your MHE assets. It provides a dashboard for all your chargers, trucks and batteries, along with service history and condition reports.

  • Low cost.
  • Quick to set up and start using.
  • Integrates with Philadelphia Scientific battery management.
  • Eradicates paper records.

eGO! - Battery Monitoring and Control System

An efficient battery will improve a site's productivity and profitability. The eGO! tells you everything you need to know about the life history of a battery. It measures performance and predicts when a battery will need to be replaced, helping to identify potential issues before they cause expensive damage.

  • Easy to retrieve and use data.
  • Online reporting, battery intelligence available on any connected device.
  • Helps identify potential issues before they cause damage.
  • Reduce battery failures through improved site procedures.
  • Increase battery operational time.
  • Measures performance and predicts when a battery will need to be replaced.