Battery Maintenance

A well maintained battery lasts longer and is more efficient, ultimately leading to decreased costs and a more productive operation. Our complete range of maintenance equipment will minimize the cost of maintaining your industrial batteries.

Philadelphia Scientific has the most comprehensive range of battery monitors on the market, reducing your costs and saving you money

Battery Watering Gun

  • Cost effective solution for small battery fleets.
  • Watering gun for quick, safe and reliable filling without the need for a single point watering system.
  • Automatically shuts off at the adjustable, pre-set level.
  • Tested to over 1 million cycles.

Aqua Filling System - AFS

  • Cost effective system for small to medium battery fleets
  • Compatible with existing float systems
  • Adjustable float, reduces stock level
  • Designed to reduce system damage
  • Wide pressure range
  • Simple installation, reliable operation

Water Injector System

  • World's fastest, most reliable battery filling system.
  • Reduce battery maintenance time to the minimum.
  • Rugged design.
  • Industry leading 5 year warranty.
  • Medium to large fleets.

Water Deionizer System

  • Reduce costs by producing deionized water on demand.
  • Prevent impurities in your battery and increase
    - battery life
    - truck run time
  • Produces average of 2400 liters of water (600 gallons).
  • Purity light LED indication signals when it's time to change the cartridge.

Battery Watering Cart

  • Water where you want it,when you want it
  • Battery powered and mobile
  • Easy to manoeuvre, easy to use, easy to fill
  • Simple and rugged design
  • Can be used with battery watering guns or float based systems

PitStop - Complete Maintenance System

  • Fully integrated battery maintenance system and process.
  • Used with the Water Injector System.
  • iTAG service tracking, with online reporting.
  • Touch screen multi-language display.
  • Inbuilt dual water deionizer.
  • Robust PLC control system.
  • 80 litre water reservoir.

BasicBlinky Battery Electrolyte Monitor

The original low-cost battery water level monitor.

  • Now with simpler installation
  • Marketing leading super bright

OK: Green.
Fill Now: No light.

SmartBlinky Battery Electrolyte Monitor

The Smartest, and most versatile, battery water level monitor.

  • Easy installation
  • Super bright indicator
  • Smart Delay to ensure watering at the right time

OK: Green with "pulse".
Fill Soon: Four green flashes one red.
Fill Now: Red warning flash.

SmartBlinky Pro Battery Electrolyte Monitor

The industry's most visible electrolyte level indicator, complete with audible alarm.

  • Universal voltage
  • Super bright indicator
  • Days without water indicator, provided by audible alarm
  • Smart Delay to ensure watering at the right time

OK: Green with "pulse".
Fill Soon: Four green flashes one red.
Fill Now: Red warning flash + audible alarm.

SmartBlinky Battery Temperature Monitor

Avoid costly damage to batteries through high temperatures.

Temperature Alert: Solid amber. Temperature Critical: Flashing amber.

  • Clear bright indication when the the battery is over temperature.
  • Simple installation.

SmartBlinky Smart Tray Monitor

Prevent expensive tray replacement due to electrolyte spillage.

Dry battery tray: White flash. Electrolyte in battery tray: Red + blue flash.

  • Clear bright indication when the tray has conductive liquid in the bottom.
  • Simple installation.


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