Battery Handling

Our innovative range of battery handling equipment will efficiently and safely change and store batteries, making more efficient use of space and reducing wastage through damage. Designed and built to drastically reduce changeover times, increasing truck productivity. From single spare battery racks to our fully automated multi-level system, we offer products to match any application.

Battery and Charger Stations

  • Safely store batteries.
  • Poly coated heavy duty rollers ensure a long service life.
  • Low cost solution.
  • Optional charger shelf and cable retractor.

Attach-A-Puller Portable Powered Battery Changer

  • Provides quick and safe battery changing.
  • Hydraulic push/pull mechanism.
  • Powerful hydraulic battery extraction.
  • High grade vacuum or magnet.
  • Temporary or permanent mounting on powered pallet truck.

EZPuller Manual Battery Transfer Cart

  • The most affordable way to eliminate manual handling of batteries.
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction and poly coated rollers.
  • 4-1 hand crank.
  • Temporary or permanent mounting on powered pallet truck.

Adjust-A-Rack Battery Storage Systems

  • Charger stands and shelves to suit all makes and models.
  • Multi-level modules reduce the valuable floor space required for charging.
  • Configurable battery positions, adapts with the site.
  • Designed and built for minimum lifetime costs.
  • Enables charging without changing the operation, using forklifts as 'stands' or expensive electrical upgrades.

PowerChanger™ Multi-level Battery Transfer Car

  • Fast and reliable battery changing.
  • Independent lift and drive provides unimpeded horizontal travel.
  • Up to 6 levels.
  • Intuitive ergonomic controls.
  • Powered vacuum or magnet extraction.
  • Advanced safety features.
  • Precision electric stepper motor control system.
  • Digital information panel with hour meter, maintenance alerts and operational status.
  • Operator login to restrict access and record usage.